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Écrivez à votre député fédéral pour lui demander de soulever la question cruciale du casier judiciaire auprès du ministre de la Sécurité publique. Trouvez votre député et ses coordonnées sur le site web de la Chambre des communes. Ensuite, consultez notre modèle de lettre, que vous pouvez personnaliser pour expliquer pourquoi cette question vous tient à cœur.

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Key aspects we are looking for in a bill: 

  1. Get rid of the application process. The current application-based system is unnecessary – it is cumbersome, complicated to navigate, and inaccessible to the most marginalized groups of people.
  2. Make sure the system combats systemic discrimination. Anyone who has finished their sentence and completed the waiting period without new convictions should be eligible for a record suspension. While focusing on new convictions isn’t perfect, other possible considerations – including things like no police contact or withdrawn charges – would significantly entrench systemic discrimination and disproportionately disadvantage individuals from marginalized communities.
  3. Shorten the timelines. Currently people are required to wait far too long (five or ten years after completing their sentence) before they can get a record suspension.
  4. Make it a comprehensive system that applies to all offences. There is no evidence that a history of certain types of offences makes it more likely that an individual will commit similar acts in the future. Current categories of exclusion (eg. sex offences) are based on stigma, not evidence. Community safety would be best served by ensuring people have access to jobs, housing and stability. And applicants to high risk positions would still have their records unsealed through vulnerable sector checks.

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