The Fresh Start Coalition emphasizes the need to fix Canada’s criminal records system during government consultations

From April to June 2022, many supporters of the Fresh Start Coalition participated in stakeholder consultations launched by Public Safety Canada in order to explore the possibility of an automatic system for sealing criminal records. A wide range of organizations and individuals involved with the Fresh Start Coalition made their voices heard, either in writing or through online roundtable sessions. Participants shared personal stories, weighed in on the benefits of an automatic system, and described how the current system hampers reintegration and entrenches systemic discrimination.

Interested in delving into the issues? Check out these written submissions authored by members of the Fresh Start Coalition.

The joint written submission was endorsed by twelve individuals and organizations:
British Columbia Civil Liberties Association;
Canadian Association of Elizabeth Fry Societies;
Canadian Civil Liberties Association;
Debra Parkes, Professor and Chair in Feminist Legal Studies, University of British Columbia;
Elizabeth Fry Society of Mainland Nova Scotia;
Elizabeth Fry Toronto; Empowerment Council;
John Howard Society of Canada;
John Howard Society of New Brunswick;
John Howard Society of Ontario;
Prisoners’ Legal Services; and
Tareq Bawwab, Community Expertise Committee, Fresh Start Coalition.

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